Club Activities

Play groups


 Play groups generally meet once a week and are held in homes, parks or other fun locations and are organized by age group. This is one of the most popular benefits our club offers. Play groups provide the opportunity for children (and Moms) to socialize with others. 

Field Trips


Every month we have a calendar of events that all are welcome to attend. In recent months we have visited the zoo, science museums, the arboretum, Crayola, parks, pools, splash pads, magic shows, puppet shows, and free movies. 

Monthly Meetings


We meet most months to discuss chapter business, which is usually minimal. We often have guest speakers or themed activities during these meetings as well.

Moms night out


Moms need a night out too! Once or twice a month we get together for dinner, drinks, dessert, or fun activities. Uninterrupted adult conversation is the main goal!



"Just Us Moms Playdate" is offered once or twice per month as a daytime activity for moms to connect and explore the community with adults. Typical activities include brunch, lunch or coffee dates during school hours.

Holiday parties


The group gets together for parties throughout the year including a Halloween Party, Easter Egg Hunt, and a Summer Family Party. Your MOMS Club dues help fund these fun-filled parties.